Lake Butler Sound is known for it’s privacy, spacious homesites and picturesque lakes.

There are more than 25 public and private golf and tennis amenities within minutes of Lake Butler Sound. Because of this, the developer chose to dedicate the land typically used for golf and tennis to create larger, more private homesites. In fact, many o the homesites are large enough for private tennis courts or putting greens.

Within minutes of home, you will find all the amenities of big city life – upscale dining, shopping, theme parks, museums, concerts, and theatre.

You will also find two charming English Gardens: Cartmel Gardens, a formal, sculptured English Garden, and another informal garden nestled atop the banks of Keswick Green, a large park-like area.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary at Lake Butler Sound is the last major parcel of undeveloped land on Lake Butler. It has been meticulously preserved to provide the perfect setting for birds, fish, aquatic plant life and other wildlife, that call the area home.

Additionally, approximately 32+ acres of land are maintained as natural and man-made preserves. This area serves to enhance the natural beauty and private ambiance. These attractive areas are natural habitats and home to many species of birds and wildlife that share this beautiful Sanctuary with its fortunate few residents.


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